AFO Management Limited was founded by CEO's Robert Willow and David Wong, two highly experienced investment professionals both with an illustrious background in the investment arena. Our company was formed around a simple idea that a wealth management firm should be managed for investors by investors.Our investment management philosophy is to ensure that from the outset, every client has a realistic idea as to what they can expect from us. Therefore before signing up to our services we make sure you have established an accurate investment objective with you intermediary advisor.

This will form the cornerstone of how we manage your assets, however we understand that as time goes on your investment needs may change due to personal circumstances. We recommend that if your goals or objectives change you inform your advisor immediately and re-evaluate your portfolio to ensure it is balanced and flexible to fall in line with these potential changes. We believe each investor’s investment profile must continually evolve and be tailored to each individual client.

We are not your average asset management company. We do not believe in a ‘one-size fits-all’ approach and as such have over the years designed and developed a vast range of services for advisers to offer their varying clientele from suites of dynamic model investment portfolios, to suites of innovative new product investment portfolios.

We are passionate about what we do, AFO Management’s diverse background and extensive experience enables us to assist our clients in all facets of their financial well-being.

AFO Management is owned by our senior management team of experienced investment and operations professionals who believe that every investor should have access to actively managed, diversified, transparent investment portfolios, regardless of their level of wealth. Our entire investment portfolio service has been carefully designed and developed to provide our clients with the two most important financial objectives of any investor.

We are a wealth management company offering a wide variety of innovative and forward thinking asset management services to individual clients and institutions via financial advisers and intermediaries. From our head office in Hong Kong, we offer the flexibility of both onshore and offshore investment management services for clients on a global scale.