Our discretionary managed portfolio service has been developed to ensure fair treatment of all customers. Our process fully integrates clients’ assets, is conscious of their investment risk parameters and requirements, is transparent and fully interactive. Below we give an overview of this process.
Our investment management philosophy key is to ensure that, from the outset, every client has a realistic idea as to what they can expect from us.

Therefore, before signing up to our services you must ensure that you have established an accurate investment objective with your intermediary advisor. This will form the cornerstone of how we manage your assets.
We understand that as time goes on, your investment objectives may change and they will be affected by your personal circumstances. We recommend that, if your goals or circumstance change, you inform your financial adviser immediately and re-evaluate your portfolio to ensure it is balanced and in line with these changes. 

As each investor’s objective and risk profile may change according to circumstances, we recommend that these are re-evaluated continually.
Once we have established a client’s investment objective, we will propose an investment strategy that we believe is aligned with those requirements and objectives. They form the basis of a strategy that will include both asset and security selection proposals.